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The Second Judicial District Court has been operating Specialty Courts since 1995, including the nation’s first Family Drug Court and a large Behavioral Health Court selected as a national learning site.  Other Specialty Courts currently in operation in the Second Judicial District include a large Adult Drug Court, a Drug/Alcohol Diversion Court, a Felony DUI Court, a Veterans Court, a Family Mental Health Court, and a Juvenile Drug Court.  The nationally recognized Model Components form the framework for each Specialty Court in the Second Judicial District.

Since its start in August 2013, SAMHSA funding has allowed for the expansion and enhancement of the Re-Entry Court of the Second Judicial District Court to treat 25 clients per year over three years for 75 clients.  This has more than doubled the current enrollment, (from 10 to 25) of participants who are on early release or parole status from the Nevada Department of Corrections.

The ReEntry program begins when the client contacts their caseworker while in the prison system (usually a conservation camp) to apply for the program.  The Department of Corrections initially screens applicants to make sure they qualify for the program according to NRS 213.62.  Anyone who qualifies is referred to the Re-Entry Court team.  The judge makes the final decision to accept or decline the inmate.

Each of the 75 participants to be served over the three-year grant cycle will receive services including screening and access to psychological and psychiatric services.  The Re-Entry grant budget includes resources to provide a treatment fund, which can provide financial assistance to participants who need specialized treatment based on assessments and their individualized treatment plan, but are uninsured or underinsured.  All clients live at a transitional living placement for a minimum of the first 3 months they are in Re-entry Court.  During this time they have a safe, sober environment to live in where they are learning life skills such as finding and maintaining employment, learning to manage money, and looking for permanent housing options.

Since 2013, Join Together Northern Nevada has worked Second Judicial District Court to provide program evaluation services to this new ReEntry Court.  JTNN is providing a formative evaluative process, which is designed to put in place a continuous feedback loop that will allow for ongoing program adjustments based upon data-driven decisions.  To read about the work we are doing with this court, take a look at our most recent report: Bi-Annual Report Second Judicial Dist. 2015

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